Patch School Board Questionnaire: District C Candidates

The three District C candidates for Alexandria City Public Schools' School Board share their views on the state of ACPS.

Alexandrians will be asked to vote for a new School Board on Nov. 6 on the General Election ballot.

The city is divided geographically into three districts — A, B and C. Each voter will get to choose three School Board members to represent them from their particular district. View this map to see which district you live in (PDF).

Patch asked School Board candidates to share their views on why they would be the best addition to Alexandria City Public Schools' governing body.

Here's what the three candidates from District C had to say:

  • Ronnie Campbell
  • Pat Hennig
  • Christopher Lewis

Find out what Alexandria City Public Schools District A School Board candidates and District B candidates had to say.

oldtowner October 29, 2012 at 08:06 PM
It is simply a sin that only 3 candidates are running for 3 seats in District C. I do not live in District C, but it is shameful. And at least 2 of them are not well qualified to serve on the Sch Board. Sad......
Meep Meep! October 30, 2012 at 03:06 PM
I DO live in District C and am generally satisfied with the slate of School Board candidates in my District. At least two of the candidates have served on the Alexandria School Board previously/currently serve, have PTA leadership experience, and have/had children in ACPS; the other candidate does/has not. It is for this reason that I wish Jeff Zack had not dropped out, but the third candidate has other experience that I hope translates into a successful-for-our-children term on the School Board. I can enumerate a multitude of shameful sins that have been committed in this race, but having "no race" in District C would not be a the top of my list.


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