Parklawn Cell Tower: AT&T Floats Place-Marker Balloon

Over the weekend, residents were able to see the approximate location and height of a proposed cell tower at the Parklawn Recreation Association.

Residents of the neighborhood around Parklawn Recreation Association looked skyward early Saturday morning as a large red helium balloon marked the approximate height and location of a proposed cell tower. 

AT&T is proposing to build a 183-foot monopole cell phone tower. It will be at least a year before the tower can be built and operational—there are still public hearings, Fairfax County permits and more to get through first.

Still, area residents said they are concerned about their property values declining, and some mentioned they are considering moving. 

The Parklawn Recreation Association is in the 6000 block of Crater Place. That's southeast of Fairfax County Public School's Glasgow Middle School, south of Lillian Carey Park and less than a mile due west of Alexandria City Public School's John Adams Elementary.

Wind conditions and terrain prevented AT&T from placing the balloon exactly where the tower would be located—the wind pushed the balloon slight northwest of its actual location. (See the map in the media box at right.)

As cars drive down the hill to Parklawn pool, the cell tower itself would be just after the first curve in the driveway on the right side. Related equipment for the tower would be on the left side of the driveway. AT&T would remove some invasive brush and vines on the left side of the driveway to make room for equipment.

At least one public hearing is scheduled for February, but the time, date and location are still being firmed up. Patch will publish details as they are available.

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