Beauregard Group Reviews City Plans on Implementation Phasing

Many details of the plan will be decided at a later date.

The Beauregard Rezoning Advisory Group began reviewing city recommendations on the proper stages to address redevelopment features during a Wednesday night meeting.

The group reviewed recommendations on the implementation of provisions such as public art, street design, rear-accessible townhouses, framework streets, block sizes, mid-block pedestrian connections, open space, pedestrian use, bike connectivity, the proposed ellipse at Seminary Road and Beauregard Street and lighting and street furniture.

“Really, what we’re trying to do is create a place,” said Jeff Farner, deputy director of planning for the city of Alexandria. “… It’s really about the neighborhoods and placemaking and the design and what this place ultimately looks like once it’s developed.”

Group members also were asked to decide whether plan elements should be addressed through coordinated development districts, design standards and guidelines or development special use permits. 

Many details of the plan will be addressed at a later date. The advisory group is tasked with deciding whether city recommendations are consistent with the existing small area plan.

In response to one local resident’s comments, the group acknowledged concerns about the vehicular traffic on a road adjacent to Dora Kelley Nature Park but said that level of detail would be dealt with at a later date.

West End resident Rebecca Hierholzer also told the group that she and other concerned citizens have been meeting with city planning and zoning officials on the future of a proposed new road adjacent to existing homes as part of the small area plan. Another resident also said his community would be negatively impacted by the new road, but advisory group members said the road was already part of the small area plan and should be addressed before city council or through the special use permit process.

Another audience member raised questions about the provision of affordable housing, but advisory group members said a separate committee is handling that issue.

Also Wednesday, group Chairman David Baker said the city and the owners of the Polk Street site, slated to be preserved as open space, have come to an agreement on the property sale. That transaction could be completed as early as December, he said.


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