Alexandria Democrats Grab All of City Hall

Mayor Bill Euille earns re-election to a fourth term, where he will be joined by six Democrats in council chambers.

Alexandria’s Democrats will once again control City Hall.

Incumbent Democrat Bill Euille was re-elected to a fourth term as mayor early Wednesday morning when the final numbers rolled in, while the party’s slate of council candidates claimed all six seats.

Euille topped independent challenger Andrew Macdonald by almost 20 points, taking 59.53 percent of the vote.

First-time candidate Allison Silberberg was the leading vote getter in the council field, earning 12.30 percent of the vote and the title of vice mayor.

Silberberg was followed by incumbent Del Pepper (11.77 percent), first-time candidate John Taylor Chapman (11.28 percent), former council members Justin Wilson (10.55 percent) and Tim Lovain (10.52 percent) and incumbent Paul Smedberg (10.04 percent).

The election marked a return to one-party rule in the city, which last elected a full slate of Democrats in the May 2006 municipal elections.

Tuesday marked the first time local elections shared the ballot with national races, and Alexandria’s Democratic candidates benefitted from the support of voters who went to the polls to help President Obama reclaim Virginia and the White House, re-elect U.S. Rep. Jim Moran (D-8th) and to help former Democratic governor Tim Kaine defeat Republican George Allen in the state’s U.S. Senate race.

A strong sample ballot effort from the Alexandria Democratic Committee certainly helped push its candidates over the top.  

ADC Chair Dak Hardwick praised the slate of council candidates for "doing the hard work" to earn the most votes in a 12-candidate field. 

"The people who went to the polls [on Tuesday] voted for candidates committed to moving this city forward and have talked to more voters over a longer period of time than we can remember," Hardwick said at the Alexandria Democratic Committee’s watch party at the Alley Cat Restaurant and Lounge in the West End. "We've been talking to voters since January."

Incumbent Alicia Hughes, running for the first time as a Republican after being elected as an independent in 2009, finished seventh with 8.54 percent of the vote. She finished 4,466 votes behind Smedberg for the final seat.

Hughes was followed by incumbent Republican Frank Fannon (8.52 percent) and Republican Bob Wood (7.94 percent). 

Fannon spent $74,717 on his campaign according to the Virginia Public Access Project, the most of any council candidate and more than Euille and Macdonald.

Independent Glenda Davis finished with 3.50 percent of the vote, while Libertarian Robert Kraus followed with 2.64 percent. Independent Jermaine Mincey finished last in the field with 1.92 percent of the vote.

Hardwick said that just because Mayor Euille and the newly-elected council all have D’s next to their names doesn’t mean they have the same opinion on every issue.

“That’s very typical of this party,” Silberberg said. “It’s a big tent.”

Silberberg earned broad appeal by earning endorsements from longtime city Democrats like Patsy Ticer, while also appealing to the city’s anti-waterfront redevelopment movement. Silberberg is opposed to the city’s redevelopment plan.

“Each person got support in different ways,” she said. “I’ve tried to speak from the heart on all the issues. … I’m dedicated to ensuring that Alexandria remains historical and remarkable for years to come. That’s why I took that position on the waterfront.”

Many Democrats said Tuesday night that the election offered proof that the vision for the city set forth by Euille and the party is in fact the right one.

“This election is further vindication of the Democratic leadership in the city and the positive diection the city is moving,” current Vice Mayor Kerry Donley said.

The new city council will be sworn into office in early January.

Nate McKenzie November 08, 2012 at 09:25 PM
I appreciate that many did vote a straight ticket although in this case, it may have also have been forced by individual positions on the pace of development, rather than their party affiliation. That issue is what drove my vote. Alexandria's issues certainly bear little to no resemblance to national issues so at least to this voter, D vs R is irrelevant for city council. I think an appropriate discussion is about the pros/cons of at-large elections. Even though I support the ongoing and planned development, I have trouble believing that 6 of 6 reps with the same opinion is representative of Alexandria.
Tin Idol November 08, 2012 at 11:30 PM
Though this be "madness", there was "method" in it -- --- Hamlet Hello Gail, There is indeed a "method to this madness" In the Tom Cruise/Gene Hackman Mafia Law Firm movie, "The Firm", the FBI Agent played by Hollywood Actor, Ed Harris wanted RICO-type "racketeering" convictions. The attorney played by Tom Cruise had his own agenda to protect himself, his wife and his brother. Tom Cruise gave the FBI "mail fraud" convictions due to the use of postage stamps to pay for the delivery of billable hours that were intentionally-inflated... 5 years + $250,000 fine for each of the thousands of postage stamps used. No, it was not the RICO that the FBI wanted No, "mail fraud" due to "postage stamp misuse" was not "glamorous" Tom Cruise admitted as much but added the kicker... "No, the criminal conviction is NOT glamorous but it has teeth"... it put all of the crooked attorneys away for life AND MORE IMPORTANTLY it was "easily corroborated" "corroboration"... "to corroborate"
Tin Idol November 08, 2012 at 11:57 PM
The corrupt Memphis Law Firm COULD NOT ADMIT TO THE TRUTH and they had NO GOOD LIE to tell either Norfolk Southern CANNOT ADMIT THE TRUTH and Norfolk Southern has NO GOOD LIE to tell either. The FBI failed for YEARS & YEARS with the attempt at gaining RICO-type "racketeering" convictions The communities like Cameron Station within Alexandria and other communities throughout the 50 US States serviced by Union Pacific, CSX Railway, BNSF Railway & Norfolk Southern have all fought the railroads by "attempting to regulate" their conduct REGULATION by the communities = RICO "racketeering" by the FBI In Alexandria's particular failed attempt at REGULATION took a two-prong approach...both of which failed "miserably" and which any competent attorney KNEW would fail miserably ...and which the Alexandria City Council HAD BEEN TOLD would fail miserably but they did it anyway because they had to provide the illusion of "action" The attack against the Ethanol Transloading Terminal was based on regulating the flow of truck traffic on Alexandria roads/highways that accessed the terminal AND ALSO that RSI Logistics was not covered by the REGULATION of Interstate Commerce granted to the US Congress by the US Constitution. 1) RSI Logistics was an "agent" of Norfolk Southern therefore OF COURSE their presence in terminal operation falls under the aegis of the US Constitution's power granted to Congress
Tin Idol November 09, 2012 at 12:24 AM
2) The power to regulate Interstate Commerce would be rendered worthless if communities were able to frustrate such efforts to effectively deny access. SO BACK TO "LIFE IMITATING ART" ..."REGULATION" was bound to be unsuccessful for all the communities in the 50 US States as well as Alexandria JUST LIKE the Hollywood Actor FBI Agent played by Ed Harris was BOUND TO FAIL by perpetually seeking RICO-type "racketeering" convictions REGULATION fails = RICO fails So what then is the Tom Cruise "postage stamp" that caused the impenetrable "walls of Jericho" to come crashing down "immediately" & with such "devastating" effect. If the railroads or the US Department of Transportation- Federal Railroad Administration first provide the PREDICATE of either "misconduct" or "lack of efficacy" then the communities can launch an attack BASED UPON constitutionally-recognized powers of their own... ...they can act ADMINISTRATIVELY against the rail carriers VIA an action against the US DOT-FRA. Do you see what occurred here? It's important that you do indeed "cognitively snap" to what was just pointed out to you. To defeat the CONSTITUTIONAL PROTECTION of the REGULATION of Interstate Commerce being granted to the US Congress YOU MUST OPPOSE IT with either a different CONSTITUTIONAL PROTECTION or in the alternative a CONSTITUTIONALLY-RECOGNIZED POWER.
Tin Idol November 09, 2012 at 12:39 AM
The ADMINISTRATIVE ACTION is such a CONSTITUTIONALLY-RECOGNIZED POWER That right there is Alexandria's Tom Cruise "postage stamp". So what then DISTINGUISHES an "ADMINISTRATIVE ACTION" from a "REGULATION"? REGULATIONS are "proactive"... REGULATIONS are "preemptive"... ADMINISTRATIVE ACTIONS are "predicate based".... ADMINISTRATIVE ACTIONS are also "exigency based" A "constitutionally-recognized" power such as an "ADMINISTRATIVE ACTION" by Adam Thiel, the Police Chief, The City Manager or the City Council would FIRST BE TESTED in US District Court. The US District Court Judge is OBLIGATED TO ASSUME that the local authorities in Alexandria acted properly and to show due deference to the employment of the "administrative action" against Norfolk Southern... I'll be back after the Louisiana-Monroe/Arkansas State Football game is over God bless all of the ESPN channels God bless the Sun Belt Conference for football on Tuesdays and Thursdays


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