Letter to the Editor: Fannon Should Not Be Re-elected

Alexandrian Paul Friedman says City Councilman Frank Fannon is a nice guy, but should not be re-elected.

I have met City Councilman Frank Fannon and he is a nice guy. Unfortunately, he should not be taking up one of just six precious seats on our City Council.  Frank actively opposes the interests of the people of Alexandria and should not be re-elected.

While there are many, I offer three reasons.

First, Frank has opposed funding needed to build and maintain the public schools we need.

Second, Frank actually called for cutting a million dollars from our education budget in order to spend more money for the Alexandria Pipe and Drum Corps.  No offense to the corps, but children should be our community’s highest priority. 

Third, even though Alexandrians had long been united in their desire to see the Mirant/GenOn plant close as quickly as possible, as late as March 2011 Fannon was quoted in the Alexandria Times as saying the plant should close “on its own terms.”

Frank knows he is in trouble. That’s why he is pretending to be a Democrat in his run for re-election. Not only does he avoid mentioning he’s a Republican on his signs and in his television ad, he even tries to leave the impression in his television ad that he supports the president.

Frank is trying to pull the wool over our eyes to avoid responsibility for what he’s done on Council. Let’s show him that won’t work. When you vote for City Council, make a point of voting for real Democrats who truly care about our kids and our environment.

Vote for John Taylor Chapman, Tim Lovain, Del Pepper, Allison Silberberg, Paul Smedberg and Justin Wilson. One more thing, while you are there, make sure you vote for our outstanding mayor, Bill Euille!

Then, make sure to flip the ballot over and vote for Barack Obama and Joe Biden, Tim Kaine, Jim Moran and, regarding the constitutional amendments, please vote No on 1 and Yes on 2.

Paul A. Friedman

Sherry Henderson November 06, 2012 at 03:23 AM
Alicia Hughes? Wow, she'll lose badly, but at least she'll get one vote, yours, tomorrow.
Sherry Henderson November 06, 2012 at 02:54 PM
My husband and I both voted, this morning, and as Democrats, we voted for other Democrats, as well as for Frank Fannon, who is a good man for our city! Here's even a commercial for Frank's reelection campaign: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_3wvqnWhwzo
Aristotle Kristatos November 06, 2012 at 02:56 PM
Here, here!! Frank Fannon has my vote as well! You made a wise choice. I hope more Alexandrians vote for Frank today so he gets another term in office.
pvogel November 16, 2012 at 05:26 PM
seems to me that when a LOT of folks vote, democrats win, when only a few can be bohered, republicans win. That explains the voter suppression laws clearly. It also explains why the republicans need to look into a mirror, and rethink the strategy I know they are not insane, and that is what they will do
Sherry Henderson May 07, 2013 at 05:14 AM
Okay, as a Democrat who actually voted for Frank Fannon, here comes the HUGE tax increases and our City of Alexandria budget explodes upwards, out of control, once again. I'm a progressive Democrat, and I realize that Frank Fannon ran as a Republican, but wake up people! Now we have a one-party politburo on the dais at Alexandria City Hall! And for what? Just so Tim Lovain and Justin Wilson could get reelected? Unreal, just unreal. In these economic times people are watching their spending, as many of our neighbors are out of work, or severely underpaid, and some are working two to three jobs just to make ends meet. And now Bill Euille, and the rest of our Alexandria politburo, collectively, have elected to spend money like a drunken sailor on shore leave. Most of the members of our Alexandria City Council have never run a business before, and many of them are not that well off, either. At least Frank Fannon has been a very successful local businessman in Alexandria, and he has also made a great deal of money as the senior mortgage broker at SunTrust Mortgage at Duke and Henry Streets. Is Frank perfect? No, none of us are perfect, but I can at least say he's a much better man to be on the Alexandria City Council than Justin Wilson, who likes to pontificate and foam at the mouth at how much better he is over everyone. Justin Wilson is one of the coldest political personalities I have ever met. At least with Frank Fannon he is a warm-hearted man who cares about people.


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