Letter to the Editor: Alexandria Renew Enterprises on New Bills

AlexRenew Chief Executive Officer Karen Pallansch offers a reminder about the new bill ratepayers began receiving in October.

This is a reminder about the new bill that Alexandria Renew Enterprises’ ratepayers began receiving, starting on Oct. 1.  

Alexandria Renew Enterprises is your wastewater treatment facility. Formerly named the Alexandria Sanitation Authority, our job is to clean your dirty water to the highest of standards. Our new name, which debuted on Earth Day 2012, reflects our growing role as the community’s resource recovery center.  

In the past, Virginia America Water included the cost of our services in the water bill its customers received. However, in late 2011, it informed us that it would no longer provide third-party billing services. That meant we had to create a whole separate bill just for our water cleaning services.

We wanted to inform our customers, and sent mailings and ran advertising in local papers to alert ratepayers to this change. As noted, the first bills were mailed starting Oct. 1 from Alexandria Renew Enterprises. Businesses receive a monthly bill for their water cleaning services. So, don’t throw that bill away!

You can learn more about the bills and how they look by visiting our website. If you still have any questions, please feel free to contact us at 703-549-3383.

Thank you,
Karen L. Pallansch
Chief Executive Officer
Alexandria Renew Enterprises, Inc.

Patricia Soriano April 10, 2013 at 02:16 PM
This company should accept electronic payments. My Bill Payment service has to send them a check in the mail - and it got lost. Instead of going to Cincinnati, it has gone to Oklahoma City! What a nuisance! And going to each utility's online website to set up bill payments is not as efficient as being able to do it online from your own bank's Bill Payment service.


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