Restaurant Inspections: Buccino's Italian Pizza, Satay Sarinah Restaurant

Read the most recent restaurants inspection reports in West End Alexandria.

Alexandria Health Department officials inspected numerous restaurants in West End Alexandria in recent weeks. We all want to know how our favorite restaurants stack up on cleanliness and sanitation.

Full reports can be accessed on the health department's website.

Buccino's Italian Pizza, 5801 Duke St., G-320, Oct. 16:

  • Priority Item: The following food item(s) were measured at improper temperatures: mozzarella cheese and beef (pizza prep unit) and mozzarella cheese (Pepsi reach-in).
  • Priority Foundation Item: The person in charge is not able to provide written procedures for the use of time as a public health control with the following potentially hazardous food item(s): pizza. Correct immediately.
  • Core Item: Employees observed working in the food service area without proper hair restraints.
  • Corrected During Inspection, Core Item: Single service containers were observed stored with the food-contact surface facing upward. Container were inverted during the inspection.
  • Corrected During Inspection, Core Item: Single service containers were found stored on the floor. Containers were elevated during the inspection.
  • Core Item: The door gaskets of the following unit(s) are damaged and the unit is holding water at the bottom: pizza prep unit.
  • Core Item: No hot water is provided at the front hand sink. Repair hand sink immediately.
  • Core Item: Observed that items that are unnecessary to the operation or maintenance of the establishment are being stored on the premises. Remove broken/unused equipment and return accumulated Coca Cola soda crates.
  • Core Item: Dressing rooms/areas are not designated for employees who routinely change their clothes in the establishment. Employee's shirt apron are improperly stored with penne pasta and on top of the slicer.
Janice's Espresso, 3001 N. Beauregard St., Oct. 22:
  • No violations were found during the inspection.
Port City Brewing Company, 3950 Wheeler Ave., Oct. 15:
  • Priority Foundation Item: The ceiling tiles located in both the restrooms are not smooth, durable, and easily cleanable.
Satay Sarinah Restaurant, 512-A S. Van Dorn St., Oct. 19:
  • Priority Item Repeat: Different types of raw animal foods stored in such a manner that may cause cross contamination as follows: chicken over beef inside freezer.
  • Corrected During Inspection, Priority Item Repeat: Raw animal food holding in a manner that may cause cross contamination of ready-to-eat food as follows: eggs over mushrooms.
  • Priority Foundation Item Repeat: The following ready-to-eat, potentially hazardous food in the refrigeration unit is not used within 24 hours of preparation and is not properly dated for disposition within 7 days at 41°F: items in 2dr reach in.
  • Corrected During Inspection, Core Item: Food containers for cooling food are arranged so as not to allow for maximum heat transfer (using saran wrap).
  • Priority Foundation Item: Facility is not sufficient in number or capacity to meet the food storage demands of the establishment (does not have enough equipment to cool food properly).
  • Priority Foundation Item: The certified food manager could not provide a food temperature measuring device.
  • Core Item: There was no temperature measuring device located in the following cold or hot holding equipment: 2 dr unit, freezers.
  • Core Item: Improper use of wet wiping cloths for the following activity: on table.
  • Corrected During Inspection, Core Item Repeat: Dispensing and/or in-use utensils improperly stored between use as follows: tongs, ice scooper.
  • Core Item Repeat: The following mechanical refrigeration unit is not currently operating as required to cold hold food at a temperature of 41°F or less (2dr unit reading 49F items cooling inside).
  • Core Item Repeat: The door gaskets of the following unit(s) are (missing, damaged): 2 dr unit (do not glue gaskets together).
  • Core Item: The nonfood-contact surfaces of the following equipment were observed soiled with an accumulation of dust, dirt, food residue, and/or other debris: tables, racks, walls, refrigeration/freezer units, etc.
  • Core Item: Observed that mops are improperly stored between use.
  • Core Item Repeat: Observed that the kitchen and storage area in need of cleaning.
  • Core Item Repeat: Observed that the wall in the mop area is not maintained in good repair. 2) Observed leak in ladies restroom (wall by sink).
  • Core Item: Intake and exhaust air ducts are not being cleaned at a frequency necessary to prevent contamination by dust, dirt, and other materials.
  • Core Item Observed blown bulbs in the food preparation areas.


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